PIG FOCUS encourages stockpersons to concentrate on output and identifies shortfalls and opportunities to improve unit profitability.

  • The principle report is a weekly Focusboard, which represents the current     21 weeks of performance, i.e. the normal breeding production cycle for     weaning at 21 - 27 days (see example and explanation of key features on     Focusboard)
  • The visual impact of Focusboard helps stockpersons, managers, owners     and their advisors to focus on the internal causes of variability in production     output
  • Versions of Focusboard are available to cover a variety of production     systems, including 22-weeks for later weaning, and batch farrowing     systems
  • Other reports for various multiples and combinations of weeks are available     for overall breeding and feeding herd performance parameters

  • PIG FOCUS provides unique forecasting facilities.

    An adequate availability of gilts eligible for service is essential to ensure that service targets are met consistently.

  • PIG FOCUS uses farrowing rate, culling rate, service target data and gilt     entry-to-service interval to provide a forecast of gilt requirements for the next     breeding cycle

  • Achieving the target number of pigs and total kgs of pigmeat sold have a major impact on unit profitability

  • PIG FOCUS uses the recorded data to provide a forward forecast of pigs     available for sale
  • This information can be used to inform processors, make comparisons with     budget, and in the case of a shortfall, may indicate an opportunity to     increase sale weight if circumstances permit, in order to minimise the deficit     in kgs sold

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