Compliance charts

Are your staff doing what you think they are doing?

  • PIG FOCUS can generate compliance reports and charts on a whole range     of aspects of breeding and feeding herd management
  • In striving to optimise performance, priorities change and PIG FOCUS can     therefore generate reports and charts on those Key Performance Indicators     relevant to that unit at a particular point in time

  • Example 1 - Lactation feed intake compliance report

    Example 2 - Feed budget compliance report

    Batch farrowing reports

  • Special versions of Focusboard are available for 2-week, 3-week, and 5-    week batch farrowing systems
  • These reports follow each batch through the breeding production cycle from     service to farrowing and weaning
  • The basic data is still entered each week and the system highlights the     unplanned spread of activities across the weeks and therefore provides a     useful monitor of batch integrity
  • The success of any batch system is dependent on good control of service     numbers and the unique gilt forecasting feature provided by PIG FOCUS is a     particularly useful management tool for batch production

  • Database analysis

  • As well as providing the principle production control function, PIG FOCUS is     also a powerful database powered by Microsoft SQL Server
  • As each unit is set-up on the PIG FOCUS system, a whole range of     information including location, production system, housing type, genetic     source, health status, vaccination protocol, etc. is entered into the database
  • This information can then be used to form the basis of special reports,     cross-farm analysis and seasonal trends, etc.
  • League tables of Key Performance Indicators, in which the identity of     individual units is anonymous, provide further stimulus and interest for staff

  • Platform for What If? evaluation and decision making

  • PIG FOCUS can be linked to a comprehensive What If? model to allow     advisors to assess and discuss the financial implications of capital     investment, management changes or depopulation programmes.
  • Information from PIG FOCUS can also be integrated with Management     Accounting software to allow producers and their advisors to obtain a better     understanding of Cost of Production.

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